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The Natural Curaçao, Situated on the Caribbean island of Curacao. Het is een Clothing Optional mini resort.

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The Natural Curaçao, Situated on the Caribbean island of Curacao. Het is een Clothing Optional mini resort. Clothing Optional means that you decide whether you want to swim or sunbathe with or without bathing suits on the sunbeds on one of the terraces by the pool or on the balcony of the accommodation.

Please note therefore that naturism here is limited. You can only expose sunbathing at the pool or at private balcony. If you walk round, you will be considered at least a sarong to save. The beaches are no official nudist beaches.

Curacao together with Aruba, Bonaire and St. Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles. Curacao is an area of 472 square kilometers the largest. Is at the widest point Curaçao 16 kilometer breed. It is an elongated, dry and hilly island. Curaçao The north coast is rough and rocky, High waves. Along the south coast are golden beaches, elf kilometer lang in totaal. The south coast consists of bays and coves and long beaches on the west side. The biggest bay is located on the southeast side in Willemstad, the capital and the largest port of the island. Curaçao 150.000 inhabitants. Willemstad is the only town on the island, with 130.000 people.

In the sea around Curacao are beautiful coral reefs and the number of fish species is varied. Some special fish, the barracuda, a pike species that can reach a length of two meters, one the walls, a type not which can also be two meters long. Sharks are fairly common. The water is so rich in nutrients that they pose no threat to humans.

Time difference:
Curaçao has no summer and winter, it's here 5 hours earlier than in the Netherlands; when we have summer time this is 6 o'clock.

Dutch is the official language of Curacao, but Papiamento is the most widely spoken. This is a mixture of Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Afrikaans.
Many people also speak English.

The Antillean guilder is the official currency of the island, also can be paid with US dollar, credit card like Visa or Mastercard. Withdraw money; pins with a Dutch bank - / ATM card or credit card can at most banks.

The so-called ABC islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao geographically and climatically seen on the same line, with tropical temperatures, average daytime between 28-30 ° C. Of passaatwind, characteristic of the Leeward Islands, provides a pleasant, cooling breeze. The islands are outside the 'hurricane belt', of orkaanzone. The 'wet' season, Most rain falls in the period June to november.Dit Nevertheless, there can be plenty of sunshine during these months; the greater part of the day, it is usually sunny, while in the afternoon, a short-lived, heavy rainfall can provide for refreshment.

Klimaattabel Curaçao
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov dec
Average temperature 28 28 28 29 30 30 30 30 30 30 29 28
Average number of hours of sunshine per day 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 10 9 9 8 8
Average number of days of precipitation 6 3 1 1 2 3 3 4 3 5 7 7
Average temperature seawater 27 26 26 26 27 27 27 27 28 28 27 27

- Swimming pool (10 x 5 m) with saltwater, Shower 2 terraces with sun beds
- Sunscreen / canopy for 4 sunbeds
- BBQ area by the pool with bar area
- Library with books and games

Facilities fee:
- Breakfast
- Mountain en snorkels
- Cooler, parasol
- Washer and dryer
- Island Tour on moon max. 6 people
- Welcome pack for the first day
- Boat trips (textiles)
– Pedicure, manicure, wax and body scrub (to arrange outside accommodation)
- Various massages are offered as, ayurveda, Thai yoga massage, energetische Chinese massage, acupressuur en lastone therapy

Curaçao to become almost daily direct flown by KLM from Amsterdam. KLM has the ability to fly economy or business classe classe.
You can also fly direct daily to Curaçao from Amsterdam with Tuifly. Tuifly has the ability to fly economy or comfort classe classe. A flight to Curaçao takes approximately 9 hour and 35 minutes.

Transportation on the island:
There are various transport options in Curacao. The taxis do not have meters, but prices to most destinations in advance are more or less fixed counted. Ask for before boarding the taxi. The taxis are identified by the letters TX on the island kentekenplaat.U can also around by bus. There are two types of buses, the big yellow or blue buses that are called "convoy". There are also some smaller buses driving around that one "bus" calls, which are identified by the marking BUS on the license plate. These smaller minivan with no fixed timetable and the larger buses are usually 1 once every hour.

Before renting a car is a minimum 2 years in possession of a Dutch driver's license and a credit card. The minimum age is 23 years.

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The Natural is een Clothing Optional mini resort, This means that you decide whether you want to swim with or without swimsuits or sunbathe on loungers on one of the terraces by the pool or on the balcony of the accommodation.

Please note therefore that naturism here is limited. You can only sunbathe naked by the pool or on the private balcony. If you walk around you will be considered at least a sarong to save. The beaches are no official nudist beaches.

The 5 detached 2-room bungalows are fully equipped. From the balcony where a lounge set and sunbeds located, you have a view over the beautiful nature. The ever-present wind provides natural cooling. By opening the wooden Luxaflex in the frames is in the bungalows wonderfully cool.

The entire complex is built eco friendly. They use solar panels to provide as much as possible in their own energy, the water is collected, purified and reused for planting. All materials are produced to the extent possible in an environmentally sound manner.

The fully shielded 1 acre site is situated high, in the middle of a green area, where the rest, find beautiful flora and fauna. There are views over the salt pans. Around The Natural characterized by the beautiful nature with ao. flamingos and parrots and the absence of mass tourism and crime.

The area around The Natural is a favorite spot for snorkeling boot, Hikers and mountain bikers.

De 1-kamer studio, the 2-room apartment and the Deluxe bungalow (with 2 bedrooms each with a Kingsize bed suitable for 4 persons) are, just like the bungalows, tastefully furnished and equipped with their own kitchen, bathroom, balcony, TV, air conditioning and safe. In all accommodations you can make free use of wireless internet.

A 2-person air-conditioned studio, television, internet, safe, bathroom with hot and cold water, outdoor kitchen and seating. This studio is located between the private residence of the owner and the 4-person house.

2-Bedroom apartment
A detached 2-room apartment with its own entrance at the front 2 people. This apartment has a balcony with lounge set, kitchen, separate bedroom with air conditioning, bathroom with hot and cold water, television, Internet and safe.

Deluxe Bungalow
A fully furnished house 4 persons is equipped. Two bedrooms with air conditioning, bathroom with hot and cold water, dining room, living room, fully equipped kitchen, television, Internet and safe. The balcony includes a luxurious lounge set where you can enjoy the beautiful view and the cool breeze where the evening is pleasant to stay.

5 detached bungalows, which are intended for 2 people, but also are suitable for 3 people if the sofa bed is used in the living room. There is a separate bedroom with air conditioning, bathroom with hot and cold water, fully equipped kitchen, television, internet and safety deposit box. The spacious balcony offers a lovely place to relax on the couches or on the luxury sunbeds, while enjoying the panoramic view.
Great care was given to the design and finish of the bungalows. The use of quality materials give a luxurious look, where you can relax and enjoy the birds and wildlife around you.

Safari Tent
There are 2 luxury safari tents on the grounds of The Natural put. The glamping tents (= glamping) have a four-poster bed with mosquito net, a fitted kitchen, bathroom with hot and cold water and a covered porch with dining table and sunbeds. There is free internet access and a safe. The tents are a bit lower and nations less views than the bungalows, but more shelter. Since the terrain is very hilly, The tents are not suitable for people with mobility problems.

      Optional supplements to be paid locally:
      Airco (US 0,64 per Kwh) are calculated ex.

      Price per week:
      Based on accommodation by lodging exclusive flight and rental car..

      Cleaning 1 time a week.

      SUMMER PRICES 2020-2022

      NOTE: We have been given the prices in dollars. If changing the dollar, we will adjust the price.

      01/09-15/12 2020
      16/04-15/06 2021
      16/12 2020 - 15/04 202116/06-31/08 202101/09-15/12 2021
      16/04-15/06 2022
      16/12 2021 - 15/04 202216/06-31/08 2021
      Room with private bathroom2 people386452313399466319
      Safari Tent2 people585692479599712492
      Studio2 people618758479632778492
      Apartment2 people618758479632778492
      Bungalows2 people91111176929311144712
      Deluxe Bungalow1-2 people1004123076510311257785
      3-4 people1117134391111441377931

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      Suitable for 1-2 people. Oppervlakte as. 50 m²
      2-room Apartment
      Suitable for 1-2 people. Oppervlakte as. 40 m²
      Suitable for 2-3 people. Oppervlakte as. 120 m²
      Safari Tent
      Suitable for 2 people.