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New on Fuerteventura is BHH Naturist Villa! This villa has an English owner and consists of 3 separate apartments close to the town of Costa Calma. The apartments can be booked separately, but you can also with a group of for example 10 people go on vacation.

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New on Fuerteventura is BHH Naturist Villa! This villa has an English owner and consists of 3 separate apartments close to the town of Costa Calma. The apartments can be booked separately, but you can also with a group of for example 10 people go on vacation.

Fuerteventura is the elongated island between Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. Corralejo is the place in the north where the boat arrives from Lanzarote. Lanzarote is half hour with the boat. In the northeast of Fuerteventura you can find vast sand dunes where you can walk for hours (dressed).

Fuerteventura is one of the Spanish islands located between Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. The island is 170 km long and 5 km to 30 km wide. The landscape of Fuerteventura is arid and rugged. In the north are bare hills, large sand dunes and low mountains. These are mostly old volcanoes. The extremely wide and long sandy beaches are mainly located in the southeast of the island. The only verdant is situated in a valley with palm trees, cactuses and small-scale horticulture center of the island.

July and August are the quietest months in the Canary Islands. The sea at Monte Marina is shallow and crystal clear, The underwater fauna is very varied and it is beautiful for diving or snorkeling.

Special features:
Particularly of this island is that there are no official nudist beaches. At each beach is it tolerated. People with swimsuits and naturists therefore be mixed together.

Spanish is the official language at the Canary Islands. Because of the many British and German tourists at Fuerteventura the local people speak also Englisch and German.

Because the Canary Islands are a province of Spain, you can pay with the Euro.
Nearly all cards will be accepted for paying. Credit cards are also accepted.

In the Canary Islands climate is often described as the "eternal spring". This is because the temperature actually continues throughout the year by the same. There is also a subtropical climate.
Fuerteventura is, however, more wind than on the other islands.

Time difference:
Fuerteventura is it 1 hour earlier than in the Netherlands.

Klimaattabel Fuerteventura
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov dec
Average temperature 20 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 25 24 22 21
Average number of hours of sunshine per day 6 7 8 9 9 10 11 12 10 8 7 6
Average number of days of precipitation 3 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 2
Average temperature seawater 17 17 18 18 19 20 21 22 23 22 20 18

Facilities & Relaxation:

Services: - Pool bar - Swimming pool - BBQ - Balinese bed to relax on during the day

It is about 4,5 hours to fly to Fuerteventura. We can book your flights. We mediate for Transavia, KLM, Iberia of Vueling.

We advise you to hire a car, when you want to see something of the island. We mediate for Sunny Cars.

If you prefer transfer, we can arrange that for you. You can choose to go with a shuttle bus or a private taxi. Prices are available on request.

Request a quote for the entire package.

BHH Villa consists of 3 apartments. These apartments can be booked individually for 2 – 8 people, but how nice is it to go on vacation with a bunch of friends? There are in total 5 Bedrooms, so with 4 befriended couples it is nice to stay at Beverley Hills Villa, but for 3 families with up to 14 people there are also enough sleeping places. Around the pool are spacious terraces with sunbeds and chairs to enjoy the sun. There is a bar, a large BBQ area with dining tables and a Balinese bed to doze off during the day. There are several shops, bars, restaurants and a restaurant within walking distance and you can also walk to the beach, admittedly this takes at least half an hour, so we definitely recommend a rental car here. The airport is approx 50 minute drive. The apartments:

Naturistic Apartment / 2-6 people This apartment has 2 bedrooms with a double bed each, there is a bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. The living room has a 2-person sofa bed, Satelite TV and free fiber optic WIFI. The kitchen is fully equipped with a large fridge freezer, dining table, washer, stove and microwave. This apartment is adjacent to the pool and has a nice view.

Buff Apartment / 2-4 people This apartment "In the Buff" has 1 bedroom with a double bed and a double sofa bed in the living room. The bathroom has a large shower, toilet, sink and washing machine. The kitchen is fully equipped with a dining table, fridge, hob and microwave. There is free fiber optic WIFI and Satellite TV.

Bare Apartment / 2-6 people This apartment has 1 bedroom with a double bed and two double sofa beds in the living room. There is a fully tiled shower room, toilet and sink. The kitchen has a breakfast bar with hob, fridge and microwave. It is fully equipped for self catering with a colorful dining table. There is a large Satellite TV and free fiber optic WIFI.

If you want to stay in the villa with a group, the costs are € 250,- per night for 1 to 12 people. The cleaning costs are then € 150,-.

The stated cleaning costs are based on 2 people per apartment. When you are with more than 2 persons staying in an apartment, the cleaning costs are € 75,-.

      Price per apartment per week:
      Based on lodging.

      Mandatory costs:
      When staying with 2 people in 1 apartment you pay € 60,- Cleaning. When staying with 3-4 people in 1 apartment you pay € 75,- Cleaning. When renting the entire villa, € 150,- calculated for the cleaning costs.

      Arrival- and departure:
      You can arrive and depart every day.

      Cancellation Policy:
      ANVR conditions.

      PRICES 2021

      01-01-21 / 31-12-22
      Naturistic apartment1-2 press.700
      3-4 press.1050
      Bare apartment1-2 press.560
      3-4 press.630
      Buff apartment1-2 press.490
      3-4 press.560
      Entire villa1-12 press1750

      All prices are in Euro, unless otherwise stated. The prices are exclusive. € 25 fee per booking, Local Taxes, any increase in airport tax, fuel surcharges, security fees and € 2,50 calamity fund. Price changes! We reserve the right to change the fares if changes in transportation, charges payable (eg fuel- or noise surcharges) and applicable exchange rates give rise (note a number of locations are supplied in US Dollar Prices). Increases in these costs will be passed in the price. If you want to go into a busy period on holiday and the flights are fully booked by the airline we cooperate, it can happen that you can still book your vacation with a extra fee. This of course in agreement with you. It is also possible to fly from Brussels and several German airports to many of our destinations. Rates are available on request at Naturist2Go.NB: Naturist2Go charges € 20 per ticket for Corsica Ferries and E-tickets (eg, internet tickets. Transavia ) and € 40 per ticket for regular services such as individual tickets KLM / Iberia. At the moment, almost all charter flight prices are excluding food and drinks. Food and drinks are on board for payment.

      ATTENTION: For scheduled trips (plane, boot (Jackpot-rate), bus, etc.) it can happen that we can book the flight with a cheap rate for you. When we book this rate for you it is not possible to cancel or change the ticket. When this is really necessary, the costs are 100%. With charter flights are the cancellation costs 100% with departure within 4 weeks or more. These conditions are different from the ANVR conditions. When you have a valid reason to cancel the ticket, these costs will be covered, as long as you have a cancellation insurance.

      Other travel periods than stated, are always possible. Please contact our reservations department.

      Naturistic Apartment
      2-6 people
      Buff Apartment
      2-4 people
      Bare Apartment
      2-6 people