On 50 km from Bastia is located Bagheera at a beautiful location surrounded by eucalyptus trees at the edge of a quiet bay. A piece of untouched nature close to the sea is, suitable for swimmers.

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On 50 km from Bastia is located Bagheera at a beautiful location surrounded by eucalyptus trees at the edge of a quiet bay. A piece of untouched nature close to the sea, suitable for swimmers.

The property extends over 100ha. nature and includes simple terraced houses built of stone or wood and shady places on the camping. Nearby you can make beautiful trips in Castagniccia in the hills, de bergen en de diverse kastanjebossen. Can be found in the area are established villages with Roman Baroque Churches, where you can also take a bike tour. Bagheera is located just north of Riva Bella and south of Club Corsicana in a wonderful position 3 km long. You can walk across the beach to Club Corsicana.

Corsica is located in the Mediterranean Sea, only 80 kilometers from the Italian coast and just 12 kilometers from Sardinia, but it actually belongs to France. With a maximum width of 85 km and a length of 185 km, is it the 3 th largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Corsica is known by the French as, "Ile de Beauté", and is an island of contrasts. You can find rugged cliffs in the west. Kilometers of sandy beaches flank the island in the East. Behind that begins the fields and vineyards. These extend to the foot of the mountains, passing into the interior in a high solid, which is mainly formed by a conservation. Citadellen, Churches, castles and fortresses testify to an eventful history. Typical of Corsica is the beautiful world of plants, which consists of more than 70 different species that occur in the Mediterranean and the Alps. These include rare orchids and cacti and of course the Macchia which smells wonderful in the spring.

The Corsican wine is worth trying. More than 2000 years ago, the ancient Greeks planted vines, because here the soil and climate are excellent.

The official language in Corsica, is French. In each region have people their own dialect. In the tourist areas can the people speak English.

Corsica is part of France and is part of the European Union and you can also pay with the euro. Nearly all cards will be accepted for paying. Credit cards are also accepted.

Corsica has a Mediterranean climate. The island has a long summer to, where the sea temperature is pleasant and not too cold to dive.

Climate table Corsica








Average temperature








Average number of hours of sunshine per day








Average number of days of precipitation








Average temperature seawater 15 16 20 23 24 22 20

- Panorama Restaurant (May 15 - 30 sept)
- Self Service Shop (May 15 - 30 sept)
- Beachbar
– Pizzeria
– Sauna
- Tennis
- Chess
- Dance nights
- Sports activities including volleyball
– Mini club

- Lockers
- Umbrellas and sunbeds
- Washer and dryer
- Bed linen
- Towels
- Bicycle
– Massage
- Internet or WiFi at the restaurant

By car:
Bagheera is about 1535 km from Utrecht. A car (or cars) is a good way to travel through Corsica and handy for when you want to visit some remote places. The roads in Corsica are of good quality, but there are no highways. When you go by your own car you need to go with a boat from France or Italy. In these countries you have to pay toll. Furthermore, you must be owned by International Insurance certificates known as the green card if you go by car. In France, also in Corsica, it is mandatory to have an alcohol tester in the car. A valid driver's license, is necessary.

With the ferry:
Naturist2Go mediates for Corsica Ferries. You can cross at Toulon, Nice and Marseille in France and Savona or Livorno in Italy. The prices change daily, So please ask us for a quote.

With the plane:
There are opportunities with Transavia to fly from Amsterdam on Wednesday or Saturday to Ajaccio. You can fly from Dusseldorf to Calvi with Air Berlin. If you do not mind to move, it is possible to fly to Bastia from both Amsterdam and Dusseldorf. Because of the distance to the accommodation, we advise you to rent a car. Information about the flight days and the rental car can be asked by us.

The houses all have a covered terrace, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with shower and toilet. Per house there are two beds. The houses are approximately 50 to 200 meters from the sea.

On the right side you can find pictures of a number of types of accommodations. There are both villas, chalets, mini villa’s en mobilhomes. It is also possible to book a parking space.

Click here to read an extensive description with photos of all accommodations.

      Special offer:
      When staying 10-16 consecutive nights to 29/06 2021 of na 09/01 2021 you will get 15% discount.
      When staying 17-34 consecutive nights for stays up 29/06 2021 of na 09/01 2021 you will get 20% discount.
      When staying 35 nights or more consecutive until 29/06 2021 of na 09/01 2021 you will get 30% discount.
      (X = y nights will pay). 7= 6 for stays for 27/05 2021 of na 25/09 2021
      These offers are not combinable with each other and other offers.
      Children from 0 to 2 year for free.

      Discover Corsica Package
      Bungalow type CNG, breakfast and lunch or dinner (you can choose). When meals are 1/4 liters of wine and 1 cup of coffee per person included. A rental car is included or you can get a free boat for crossing 2 people and a car, but not in a hut (night crossing). Prices are on request.

      Mandatory Fees:
      Tourism / eco-tax € 1,80 pp per day.

      Mandatory surcharges to be paid locally:
      Cleaning between € 45 and € 55. If you leave the garbage in the accommodation at departure € 30. Deposit € 300 to pay by credit card.

      Optional supplements to be paid locally:
      Towels € 8 pp per week. Sheets € 6 pp per week. Transfer vanaf Bastia circa € 180 return (07.00-19.00u.), about € 240(19.00 in. and Sundays), You have to pay the taxi driver on the spot.

      parking, sauna en sportparcours.

      Price per week:
      Based on lodging.

      Car rental:
      We advise you to hire a car, as Bagheera is very remote. Click on the car for the possibilities to rent a car.

      Other information:
      - Camping rates are available on request
      - Dogs are allowed on a leash and when the dog has a valid vaccination certificate against rabies
      - You can also book half board
      - In the front- season and closed the restaurant and supermarket, You can order bread at the reception.

      Cancellation Policy:

      Ask us for an offer.

      Prices summer 2021

      Type A1-2 people5465466518689801057
      Type B22-5 people59559580593110501120
      Type BS2-4 people595658847100111201190
      Type CNG renovated2-4 people644777924120414421512
      Type CS2-4 people679791938122514561526
      Type B renovated Luxury2-4 people679791938122514561526
      Type CNG renovated luxury2-4 people6798751064133715961666
      Type Marina2-4 people-875994128115261596
      Type CD2-6 people-8961064133715891659
      Cabin Comfort2-4 people630770945118314141484
      Chalet Prestige2-4 people6799031127135115891659
      Mobile home 2-4 people6658891113129514351505
      Mobile home 2-6 people665854952121114351505

      All prices are in Euro, unless otherwise stated. The prices are exclusive. € 25 fee per booking, Local Taxes, any increase in airport tax, fuel surcharges, security fees and € 2,50 calamity fund. Price changes! We reserve the right to change the fares if changes in transportation, charges payable (eg fuel- or noise surcharges) and applicable exchange rates give rise (note a number of locations are supplied in US Dollar Prices). Increases in these costs will be passed in the price. If you want to go into a busy period on holiday and the flights are fully booked by the airline we cooperate, it can happen that you can still book your vacation with a extra fee. This of course in agreement with you. It is also possible to fly from Brussels and several German airports to many of our destinations. Rates are available on request at Naturist2Go.

      Note: Naturist2Go charges € 20 per ticket for Corsica Ferries and E-tickets (eg, internet tickets. Transavia ) and € 40 per ticket for regular services such as individual tickets KLM / Iberia. At the moment, almost all charter flight prices are excluding food and drinks. Food and drinks are on board for payment.

      ATTENTION: For scheduled trips (plane, boot (Jackpot-rate), bus, etc.) it can happen that we can book the flight with a cheap rate for you. When we book this rate for you it is not possible to cancel or change the ticket. When this is really necessary, the costs are 100%. With charter flights are the cancellation costs 100% with departure within 4 weeks or more. These conditions are different from the ANVR conditions. When you have a valid reason to cancel the ticket, these costs will be covered, as long as you have a cancellation insurance. Other travel periods than stated, are always possible. Please contact our reservations department.

      The houses all have a covered terrace, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with shower and toilet. Per house there are two beds. The houses are approximately 50 to 200 meters from the sea.

      Type CNG
      Suitable for 2-4 people. Surface about 49 m².
      Type CNG renovated
      Suitable for 2-4 people. Surface about 36 m².
      Type Marina
      Suitable for 2-4 people. Surface about 32 m².
      Type CD
      Suitable for 2-6 people. Surface about 60 m².
      Chalet Luxe
      Suitable for 2-4 people. Surface about 35 m².
      Chalet Prestige
      Suitable for 2-4 people. Surface about 40 m².
      Camping is also possible.