Naturist2Go is a trademark of Inter Nature already 30 year organizes naturist holidays.


"Born this way, so remained ", is what I am saying when people ask me whether I am a naturist. I have been since 1996 actively involved by Internatuur and I am going on journey since 1987, when my mother Internatuur founded. All locations we offer have something unique and I love to go to all of our accommodations. I have several favorites, but the product that has most surprised me in a positive way are, our cruises! What a wonderful feeling of freedom you have when you're on the water.

Our round trips to New Zealand and South Africa are also my specialty. On the other hand, I also can really enjoy a camping. We can offer so much, we have the perfect vacation for everyone.

When you would like to have a personal conversation, you can always make an appointment to come to our office, we would like to make the time for you.

Kim, Trainee

After my internship by Internatuur I continued to work in this business on Saturdays and holidays. I'm also studying at the HBO Tourism and I keep working at Inter Nature to develop myself as much as possible and work experience. What I like the most about working by Internatuur is to make the vacation from the beginning to the end for clients. This is a very nice challenge for me.

I'll be happy to put together your holiday! The destination that stands out the most for me is Hotel Vritomartis, We have many requests for this accommodation and I love the pictures and information that I processed about the hotel., I feel totally fun about this accommodation.

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